“/Luv/: Verb” and join us as Eastside gathers this Sunday, June 3rd at 10 am

Remember when your science teacher taught you the Law of Inertia?  It says, ‘An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.’  That outside force will make all the difference in the reality of the object at rest, won’t it?  When John speaks of love he envisions a kind of love that’s in action-transforming everything it touches!

This weekend at Eastside we will explore how that kind of love will impact our families and our world forever!  We hope you can join us as we continue our series “Family Ties” with a new sermon by Pastor Jeremy called, “/Luv/: Verb“.


Our Women’s Group will be gathering Jun 6th at 7 pm, here at Eastside.  All are welcome to join at any point in their new book study “Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer.  Please contact Sue DeLeys at sue_deleys@urmc.rochester.edu for details.

 Are you looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors and support a good cause?  Here are a few local groups who want to enrich the community:

  • Stop the Stigma Awareness Concert, Jun 9 from 6-9:30 pm at the Perinton Center Stage Amphitheater.  A program  seeking to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention in youth. Flyers available at the Welcome table.

  • Heart & Soul Community Church is hosting a “Shining the Light Concert” Jun 9 from 3-6 pm.  For more details, visit: www.heartandsoulchurch.com.

Eastside is hosting a great Family event on Jun 23rd!  Join us in decorating flower pots. A $10 donation covers the flower pot, paint, and flower for each person signing up.  More to follow!

Are you in need of personal prayer?  Our Prayer Room is staffed and readily available every Sunday after service.