Join Eastside this Sunday, June 2nd at 10AM as we continue our sermon series, “Modern Family”.

Eastside invites you this Sunday, June 2nd at 10AM! 

Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”
~ Mark 3:35 NLT

“The Extension Cords of Extended Family”

Like an extension cord, extended family can be helpful or full of frustrating knots.As we continue our sermon series “Modern Family” we will be looking at how Jesus dealt with his extended family and what lessons we can learn from his example.

So come on out to Eastside this Sunday or listen to Pastor Jeremy’s sermon “The Extension Cords of Extended Family” online at


We have a special treat for you in June!

9 Jun is Mission Sunday…Come out and meet the Green Family!  They will take us on a journey to Uruguay and share what God has poured out to that community.  We will also have a Potluck after service. Sign up to share a special dish with everyone!

You scream, I scream, We all scream for another Family Social Ice Cream event!  Yay…join us at the Ice Cream Factory in the Village on 22 Jun from 2-3pm for a delicious treat and fellowship!

Give a shout out to a 2019 Graduating Senior! Eastside is planning something special for our graduates this summer. Send us their names by marking it on your response card!  God is Good Always!

Need a place to CONNECT, PROTECT, and GROW? Join one of our many Eastside Groups!  There is a place for you!

Eastside Group Information and Sign-Ups are located at our Welcome Center table.  Check out our Eastside Church Events page at

June Edition Light and Life

The June issue of Light and Life magazine focuses on the subject of holiness.  As stated in the “Openers” section, “Kevin Mannoia, Bishop David Kendall, Daniel Castelo, Josh Avery and Martha Kirkpatrick take us on a journey from theology to vision to application.” In concluding the “Openers” section, Brent Heintzman sums the topic in this manner, “Pursuing holiness together is a journey worth taking. It is an exploration, not a program. It reveals to us the most authentic nature of God who is holy. It purifies, enriches, transforms, renews, challenges, empowers and entirely captivates all who pursue it.”

Would you like to read more?

Go to and scroll down to the article that sparks your interest.  If you are not comfortable reading online, pick up a print copy in the lobby area at Eastside.  The print copy has an added advantage.  Turn it around and it is printed in Spanish.  Hard copies are available at our Eastside Welcome Center table located in the atrium.

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