Join Eastside this Sunday, Mar 31st at 10AM as we continue our series, “The ‘I Ams’ of Jesus”.

Eastside invites you this Sunday, Mar 31st at 10AM! 

Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.   

~ John 6:35 NLT


In this series, Pastor Jeremy continues to walk with us on a journey exploring who Jesus is through his very own “I Am” statements in the Bible.


Join us this weekend as we continue our “The ‘I Ams’ of Jesus’ sermon series with this Sunday’s title, “The Bread of Life.”


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Thank you to our Volunteers who stepped up to help with decorating and/or the POTB play.  Teamwork makes Our Dream work and we are so blessed for the gifts and talents you share with us.

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Light and Life Magazine


The April issue of Light and Life focuses on covenants and laws.  In the feature article, Brent Heintzman states, “No matter how good the law, how pure or beneficial, if we can’t align with it, we’ll break it.  In the Bishops’ column, Matthew Thomas declares, “ A covenant is essentially a promise initiated by God, involving our obedient participation to fully implement it.  God entered into covenants with the likes of Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.  We benefit from those covenants directly or indirectly.”  Other articles in this issue include “Covenants and Community,” “A Song Stripped of Joy” and “Living the Law of Love.”


Would you like to read more?


Go to and scroll down to the article that sparks your interest.  If you are not comfortable reading online, pick up a print copy in the lobby area at Eastside.  The print copy has an added advantage.  Turn it around and it is printed in Spanish.