Light and Life Magazine January 2019

What is Light and Life?

Light and Life is a monthly magazine published by Light and Life Communications, the communications department of the the Free Methodist Church. The magazine has a monthly print circulation of approximately 15,000. In April 2015, the magazine expanded to a larger size with both English and Spanish articles in a common edition using a flip format. The Spanish side of the magazine is titled Luz y Vida. Articles are also published online at  The online version is not in “magazine” format, but you will find the articles from the latest issue by scrolling down to “latest articles”.

Each issue of Light and Life focuses on a specific theme with a cohesive approach in which the articles complement each other and flow in a progression that takes the reader from discovery through personal application. The magazine offers compelling content with a uniquely Free Methodist emphasis designed to connect more than 110,000 people who attend Free Methodist Church – USA worship services each week. As a resource serving the local church, the magazine welcomes writers from outside of Free Methodism with relevant perspectives on an issue’s theme. We search for authors who write competently, provide clear information and employ contemporary style and illustrations. We publish well-written articles that are accessible to a wide range of readers. Articles must be consistent with the theology of the Free Methodist Church.

For additional information about the magazine go to and select the “writers” link.


January Issue  

The January issue of Light and Life focuses on reading the Bible.  When we call the Bible “God’s Word”… we’re saying that God speaks to us.  With that thought, Bishop David Kendall opens the feature article, “How to Read the Bible.”  He opens with “First, understand what it is we are reading” and concludes with “Fifth, understand the story leads us to the person of Jesus who brings it to fullness and its goal.”  The article, “Homo Unius Libri” (man of one book) by Bishop Matthew Thomas states,  “It (the Bible) answers the core questions we all have and gives us a window into better understanding God.”  Other articles include “The Many Languages of the Bible” and “Word Challenges” by publisher Jay Cordova.

Would you like to read more?  Go to and scroll down to the article that sparks your interest.  If you are not comfortable reading online, pick up a print copy in the lobby area at Eastside.  The print copy has an added advantage.  Turn it around and it is printed in Spanish.