Strong Faith – Dying to Live

Strong faith … is it even possible? I mean, we may start our day with good intentions to look, live and love like Jesus.  Then, somehow, we miss the mark yet again!  Now what? Do we need to try harder, do better? Do we need more rules, better rules? Do we need to find the latest fad in self-improvement techniques? How can we be followers of Jesus when our lives aren’t perfect?

You’re invited this Sunday as Eastside gathers at 9:30 and 11:00am to look at the counter intuitive key to strong faith … we must choose to die in order to truly live!  There is a way for God to look at us “just-as-if” we had never sinned!  It will likely surprise you, and undoubtedly set you free!

We hope you will join us …

Roger W. Haskins, Jr. – Lead Pastor

PO BOX 112
Fairport, NY 14450