Strong Faith

Strong Faith

I was probably about 7. My parents surprised my family with our very first trip to Lollypop Farm, where to my sheer delight we were told we could pick out a puppy to bring home.  We went from cage to cage to cage processing this agonizing decision – which one of these bundles of joy would be adopted into our wild and crazy family. I still remember that I picked “Lucky” but was outvoted as we brought “Skippy” home with us.  Surprisingly, I never forgot Lucky, but not surprisingly I grew to love Skippy.

I have been back through Lollypop Farm and other similar “pet orphanages” a few times since then.  Some dogs bounce as if on pogo sticks with a dripping smile that cries out “Pick me, pick me!”  But have you noticed that sometimes there is one dog that seems to have lost hope … no bounce, no doggy smile, no eye contact, just a heart wrenching existence as it forlornly sits in the farthest corner?

You are invited this Sunday as Eastside gathers at 9:30 and 11:00 to continue our“Strong Faith” series with a relevant and inspiring application of God’s words of love and hope on what it means to be family – the family of Jesus followers.  We have some real questions that we need to wrestle with in order to find the words of love and hope that await us.  Questions like:  What would it feel like to be an orphan in need of a guardian?  Why do orphans celebrate their adoption?  What does it mean to put on (or be clothed) with Jesus?

Skippy came home and loved us with a reckless abandon.  The feeling was mutual.  We hope you will join us … in pursuit of Jesus and Strong Faith … that loves with a reckless abandon!

a friend,
Roger W. Haskins, Jr. – Lead Pastor

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